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Audio Visual Rentals is a common requirement by the business sector and also for private events. There is a range of equipment that falls into this category such as, data projectors, plasma and LCD monitors, audio equipment, televisions, DVDs, VCRs, sounds systems and a variety of conference equipment. These rentals offer hire equipment to meet everyone's needs.


No one would notice the audio at an event unless it is less than perfect or completely gone. It is dj equipment rentals a facility that seems to be taken for granted and not noticed by most of the participants or invitees. The role of an audio technician at an event is very important. In order to enjoy it to the fullest it needs to be of excellent quality. The sound systems and sound equipment used for the audio systems should also be of very good quality. Finally, to complete the package for quality audio visuals, all this equipment should be handled by a professional technician.

There are several options for Audio Visual Rentals:

Televisions, DVDs, VCRs: Televisions are available in a choice of sizes and the VCRs are offered with a range of different features. You can choose them according to your requirement. Both, standard and professional DVD players are available. Additional equipment such as TV and VCR trolleys can be rented out as well.

Audio Equipment Kits: This includes the rental of audio equipment and public addressee sound systems. Most public addressee hires systems will include one microphone and a stand. This Audio Visual Rentals are available in kits which comprise of a professional sound system, microphone connections, CD, or PC audio inputs, professional cables with all stand and cables.

Video and Conference Equipment: Telephone conference equipment is also included in this category of rentals. The equipment includes camcorders, video cameras, electronic whiteboards, tripod flip charts etc.

Microphones: There is a range of microphones, especially those required for conference facilities. Some of them are gooseneck, vocal and handheld microphones. There are varieties to select depending on the type of presentation.

Lighting: Many may not think or expect a category such as this to be included in Audio Visual Rentals, but it is an important requirement too. Hiring of lighting adds all the glamour that is needed for your event, especially if it is a night event. Here too there is a wide range such as theatrical stage lighting, intelligent moving lighting, conference/meeting lighting, LED/effect lighting, dance floor lighting, smoke effect lighting and much more. The type of lighting that you would want to hire will strongly depend on the type of event.

Hiring of this type of equipment requires professional guidance which you will find at all online rental websites. You can be assured that you will have the right equipment when you specify your exact requirement.

Makers and retailers of organic or multicultural food will take part in a large conference in Chicago in June, 2009. If you plan to attend as an exhibitor, you may want to consider audio visual rentals to help showcase your foods for conference visitors.


Combined Chicago Trade Show Presents Healthy Food Options


The Lakeside Center/McCormick Place in Chicago is the site of this exciting business-to-business conference focused on organic and multicultural foods. On the organic side, the Organic Trade Association is hosting a show called All Things Organic. The trade show brings sellers of organic products together with buyers to help them reach new markets.

The trade show coincides with a conference that aims to teach visitors about new trends, markets, research and regulations that affect organic food retailers.

On the other side, Expo Comida Latina and All Asia Food will put the spotlight on Hispanic and Asian foods. Designed to appeal to retail, food service and ingredient buyers, this show promises to introduce new and innovative product offerings.

Together, the two groups are presenting a Health & Wellness Program and Specialty Pavilion. The former is designed to help retailers educate consumers about wellness, and use their merchandising and marketing to promote wellness products. The Specialty Pavilion will feature artisanal products, ethnic specialties and gourmet foods.


AV Rentals on the Trade Show Floor

Audio visual rentals, whether booked in Chicago or elsewhere, can help you communicate more effectively with trade show visitors. Consider just a few of the possibilities that AV rentals offer:

o A large plasma screen, hooked up to a laptop or desktop, can show valuable information about your products. Displays can include nutritional information, ideas for using a product, and "virtual" cooking displays.

o An interactive kiosk can give visitors an opportunity to view or print the information they want about your company. Nutritional information, recipes, price lists - there are many possibilities. If your booth is busy, the kiosk can act as another salesperson, giving visitors the facts they want when your "live" salespeople are tied up. You could also use a kiosk to register visitors for a seminar or workshop you are hosting.

o Small LCD screens and desktops can be used as individual viewing stations, complete with sound, to walk visitors through your latest product offerings.

With Audio Visual Rentals, You Can Afford to Attend

Recent reports have shown that the trend toward organic foods is slowing in today's economy. Given this state of affairs, you might think a trade show is a luxury you can't afford. But to keep your name out there, you need to market to the people most likely to buy your wares. A trade show in a major center like Chicago, with its highly targeted audience, is just the place. With audio visual rentals, you can catch visitors' attention affordably and effectively.